What are EMFACE and Exion, and why are we so excited about these latest additions to the JBSMD Portfolio of services?

You should definitely visit and spend some quality time on our new website to learn all that is new and wonderful here at JBSMD, but to get you started, EMFACE and Exion (Exion Face and Exion Fractional RF) are the latest and greatest additions to the facial rejuvenation family of devices that we are very proud to offer.  With the addition of EMFACE and Exion to the practice portfolio of completely nonsurgical options, we are now a designated Body by BTL Center of Excellence, and find these devices to be truly unique options to traditional surgical facial rejuvenation options, or as maintenance for a well-done facelift. 

Like the sister BTL devices EMSCULPT NEO and EMSELLA, BTL is leading the way in researching and learning that by strengthening muscles and tightening skin (and even reducing fat where desired, such as EMFACE Submentum for the double chin), we can reshape, lift and tone aging areas of the face and body without the need for surgery or downtime.  Utilizing breakthrough technologies such as BTL’s HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Stimulation) and HIFES (High-Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation), we can reduce unwanted fat, increase muscle tone, strength and definition and tighten skin…all at the same time…and all without any downtime.  With Exion Fractional RF, we now have a microneedling procedure that delivers the heat energy via tiny needles using Artificial Intelligence technology, so that energy delivery goes exactly where it is needed for maximum benefit and for the smallest downtime of any microneedling device.  This results in less pain and redness downtime for the patient, and sometimes, even the numbing cream needed for other microneedling procedures, is not even necessary.  With Exion Face, we can harness radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound to create new hyaluronic acid (collagen) and “plump” areas around the eyes, lips and mouth without fillers and without downtime. 

We will frequently combine an EMFACE series with single treatments or 3 treatment packages of Exion FRF or Exion Face for even better results than when each modality is used alone.  Package pricing is available, and treatment times vary from 20 minutes for EMFACE alone to an hour if adding Exion FRF or Exion Face.  With zero to 1-2 days of mild redness (in the case of Exion FRF), these options are something that every budget and recovery-conscious patient can afford. 

A special word about EMFACE and Exion Face:  In our busy aesthetic med-spa, we frequently hear patients say that they don’t want to start having fillers or neurotoxins (like Botox), because they don’t want to have to keep doing these treatments every 3 (Botox) to 12 months (fillers or Sculptra).   This is a valid concern, especially since we’ve all seen patients who have had too much filler placed and start to look too different or too boxy in the lower face rather than lifted (“filler fatigue”).  EMFACE can truly lift a forehead, cheek, jawline, or neck, and Exion Face can create new collagen (the same substance that is contained in a filler)…but these changes are longer-lasting than injections and far more natural in substance as well as in appearance.  Don’t get me wrong…my nurse injectors and I love fillers and neurotoxins as part of a well-rounded facial rejuvenation plan, but sometimes enough is enough, and there are these great adjunctive options.  Exion Face can even replace lip fillers! 

In the end, it’s great to have options, and BTL certainly has provided more options with the EMFACE/Exion platform of devices!!!  Come see us, and we can outline a plan that works for YOU!