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What is EMFACE?

EMFACE by BTL is the first therapy that non-surgically works on the framework of your face from the inside out. EMFACE is the first procedure to apply patented combination of Synchronized Radiofrequency and HIFES (High Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation) in a single facial treatment. The latter is similar to the energy used in EMSCULPT NEO (used to strengthen and shape the abs, thighs, calves, arms, and buttocks) and EMSELLA (used to strengthen and lift the pelvic floor muscles), and is unique to the BTL suite of products. Synchronized RF heats the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production, while HIFES selectively contracts facial muscles. The result is yet another great option for a nonsurgical FACELIFT and necklift. In addition, where desired, fat can be reduced with EMFACE Submentum (think: “double chin”).

The typical facial treatment zones require only a 20 minute, needle-free treatment as part of a four-treatment series for best results. There is no need for numbing of the face, nor any type of anesthesia, and there is no downtime. When patients also desire a bit of facial skin resurfacing for improved tone, texture and wrinkle control, we frequently combine EMFACE with an RF microneedling technology, also by BTL, called EXION Fractional RF. EMFACE can be used on the forehead, cheeks, jawline and neck. We also have applicators that can reduce fat of the submentum (or area under the chin). Some clinical studies have reported more than a 30% reduction on average in the subcutaneous fat in that location.

NOTE: Dr. Samuels is the only designated Body by BTL Center in Kentucky, and has authored many clinical trials and published papers for BTL. Dr. Samuels serves on the medical advisory board for BTL and introduced many of these devices to the Louisville market.

What are the Benefits of EMFACE?

Youthful Contouring without Surgery or Needles

EMFACE uses non-painful facial and neck applicators, therefore there are no needles, no need for anesthesia or skin numbing and no downtime.  Clinical trials and published papers demonstrate significant improvement in wrinkles, skin laxity and unwanted fat pockets.  The skin looks firmer and more elastic because collagen and elastin are restored, making the skin histologically “younger”. 

Improved Muscle Tone

EMFACE emulates the experience of an intense workout by gently heating the muscles and improving their contractile function.  In areas of unwanted fat accumulation, such as under the chin or in the jowls, this reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat located there, creating the appearance of an elevated brow, an uplifted cheek, and more muscle definition along the jawline and neck.

Quick Visual Improvement

EMFACE is not a treatment that needs to be repeated often to achieve results.  We typically recommend an initial four-treatment series to achieve noticeable toning.  Further maintenance is dictated by individual aging, and is also affected by whether or not patients are able to participate in other aesthetic adjuncts Dr. Samuels will discuss with you in your consultation, such as volume restoration with fillers or collagen stimulating INJECTABLES, as well as LASER resurfacing or MICRONEEDLING options.  The addition of only a few of these modalities will not only enhance overall results but will also prolong the results achieved with any single modality.   

**Remember:  the human face ages three ways…volume loss (or unwanted gain of fat in spots), laxity due to gravity, and surface textural change.  EMFACE gives us a remedy for at least two of those issues, and adding either EXION FRACTIONAL RF (MICRONEEDLING) or EXION FACE  gives us the third in the battle against undesirable aging!

Why is EMFACE getting so much buzz?

EMFACE is a state-of-the-art radiofrequency and electrostimulation platform. It is FDA-cleared for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature for selected medical conditions. It is a no downtime, pain-free, nonsurgical means of building muscle tone to specific cheek and forehead muscles through HIFES and improving skin quality through RF.

Like other muscles in our body, facial muscles thin and lose volume with age. Treating atrophic muscle groups on the face may provide an effective, nonsurgical means of tissue lifting, and muscle rejuvenation.

EMFACE creates facial muscle contractions through nerve depolarization–yielding better muscle tone and increased muscle mass to treated areas of the face. EMFACE results are backed by 7 clinical studies that demonstrate increases in collagen and elastin production, skin lifting, and increases in muscle mass and tone to specific cheek and forehead muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions

BTL, the manufacturer of EMFACE, conducted multiple studies on HIFES/RF technology to demonstrate its effects on facial muscles and skin.  Clinical studies measured muscle changes by imaging (such as ultrasound  and MRI studies), monitored skin quality changes, compared photos before and after treatment, and collected patient satisfaction with the procedure.

On average, the following were achieved in EMFACE clinical studies on healthy patients:

  • 37% reduction of facial wrinkles in treated areas
  • 30% increase in muscle tone
  • 19% increase in muscle density
  • 23% improvement in lift of face
  • 26% increase in collagen
  • Two-fold increase in elastin production

3 Months after 4th treatment, Courtesy Yael Halaas, MD

EMFACE combines two powerful technologies for the first time in a single treatment applicator:  high intensity facial electrical stimulation (HIFES) and radiofrequency (RF).  The combination of HIFES and RF treats muscle atrophy in the face and skin textural changes simultaneously.

HIFES: EMFACE produces HIFES-induced muscle contraction.  Electrical stimulation targets depolarization of motor nerves, which causes associated muscles to contract.  In EMFACE treatment, the pulse patterns of muscle contraction alternate between forehead or cheek muscle engagement, or both.  For the forehead, the frontalis muscle is targeted.  For the cheek, three muscles, the zygomaticus major, zygomaticus minor, and the risorius muscles are targeted.

A single EMFACE treatment produces approximately 75,000 electrical pulses that trigger muscle contractions.  This is accomplished over about 20 minutes.

Synchronized RF: EMFACE delivers syndronized, monopolar radiofrequency.   The treatment applicators for forehead and each cheek feel warm during a treatment cycle.

Radiofrequency creates bulk heating of tissues.  The extremely efficient delivery of RF through EMFACE applicators allows the skin to be warmed to 40-42 degrees Celsius within a few minutes of treatment.  Due to real-time feedback in the treatment applicator,  thermal sensing keeps tissue warm, but not hot.  This special temperature is enough to induce new collagen and elastin growth in the skin, but not to effect facial fat.  A cooler, gentle heat is also delivered to the muscle tissue between 39.5 and 40 degrees Celsius, pre-warming muscle to receive more effective contraction.

Clinical studies with EMSCULPT for the face (forehead and cheek applicators) treated patients for 20 minutes, once a week, for a total of 4 treatments.  Maintenance is required to maintain the results, typically one treatment every 3-6 months.

Most adults that desire a nonsurgical means of facial rejuvenation and lift through skin and muscle toning are good candidates for EMFACE.  EMFACE is not a substitute for a surgical FACELIFT but offers more modest skin and tissue lifting as evidenced from clinical trials.

EMFACE is FDA-cleared for the following areas that benefit from either increased muscle tone and/or enhanced tissue/skin heating:

  • Forehead (frontalis muscle, which may improve brow position)
  • Cheeks (zygomaticus major, zygomaticus minor, and risorius muscles, which may lead to jowl improvement, cheek lifting, and jawline refinement)
  • Submentum (or area under the chin, which may tighten the upper neck and reduce the “double chin”)

EMFACE is not painful, it simply feels like a warm treatment pad with overlying mild muscle contractions.  Cheek muscle stimulation feels like the applicator pad is being lightly peeled away, even though it is in place.  You may squint, clench, or smile lightly during cheek muscle treatment due to nearby muscle recruitment during treatment.

In clinical studies, patients gained 30% muscle tone and 19% muscle density after 4 treatments with EMFACE.

No, forehead wrinkles typically diminish with EMFACE treatment to the frontalis muscle. The forehead muscle mass increases its resting tone, which supports the forehead tissues more adequately. RF treatment of the skin with EMFACE helps stimulate new collagen and elastin formation, leading to improvements in skin texture.

Increasing muscular tone of three critical cheek muscles helps to build the strength of deeper, supportive structures of our face.   Until now, we have not had an FDA-cleared device that significantly increases muscular tone and density.   With aging, muscles become finer, elongated, and less bulky.  As they lie deep to skin and fat, aging facial muscles provide less support to overlying tissues, contributing to telltale signs of facial aging.   Increasing muscular tone to our cheek muscles may provide a lifting effect to our face, including improvement of jowls, lifting of cheeks, and improvement in jawline definition.

Preparation for EMFACE treatment is straightforward.  Come to our office with a clean face without makeup or skincare products.  Otherwise, these may interfere with the adhesive nature of the EMFACE treatment pads on the forehead and cheeks.  Your face may be prepared further with cleansing or alcohol pads to remove any residual oils, moisturizers, or skincare products.

An EMFACE treatment session lasts 20 minutes. Clinical studies on EMFACE were a total of 4 treatments–once weekly but treatments may be spaced 2-14 days apart.

The area of EMFACE treatment may be warm and mildly pink or red following treatment. This may persist for a few hours to a day following treatment. Sensitivity to adhesive from the treatment applicator pads may exaggerate this response. Muscular pain is possible but not likely following treatment. If you experience any pain during treatment, there is a Therapy Discomfort Button you may press to stop treatment.

No, the majority of patients immediately resume normal activities following treatment.

Results from EMFACE are typically noticed 1-3 months following the final treatment.

Yes, focused electrical stimulation energy from EMFACE is considered safe.  As mentioned previously, mild muscle pain is a listed side effect, but uncommon.  Skin may be pink to red, or slightly dry after the RF treatment and the adhesive on the EMFACE applicator.

EMFACE is a nonsurgical, noninvasive approach to facial muscle toning, skin lifting, and skin improvement.  It combines radiofrequency with electrical stimulation.

Radiofrequency is frequently used for skin tightening.  It works by bulk heating the skin to a temperature that induces new collagen growth.  RF on its own does not affect muscles.

Radiofrequency with MICRONEEDLING is available on a variety of device platforms from multiple manufacturers. MICRONEEDLING at more superficial depths tends to help with skin texture and rejuvenation, whereas deeper RF microneedling depths found on PROFOUND, or MORPHEUS8 devices can induce skin tightening.   However, none of these devices target muscle toning.  Additionally, many deeper penetrating microneedling RF devices require significant measures to ensure patient comfort including regional anesthesia or analgesics during treatment.

EMFACE can be combined with INJECTABLE FILLERS and NEUROTOXINS, to collagen stimulators such as SCULPTRA and BELLAFILL, LASERS, and MICRONEEDLING technologies such as EXION FRACTIONAL RF. Dr. Samuels and her nurse providers use many combination treatments, but often space procedures out appropriately for optimized outcomes, safety and manufacturer’s guidance, and patient comfort and downtime.

Patients that have had Botox to their forehead muscle may feel less stimulation of the muscle during treatment.

EMFACE treatment to the forehead has been shown to increase the frontalis muscle density and tone. Forehead wrinkles in clinical before and after photos are diminished in many patients, and brow position can be improved. EMFACE may help some patients that have not traditionally been good candidates for BOTOX, DYSPORT, or XEOMIN treatment to their forehead as it improves resting tone of the frontalis.

Muscle mass is not permanent but likely lasts 6 months or longer.  Periodic EMFACE treatments maintain the muscle tone achieved from an initial series of EMFACE treatments.

A healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise maintenance are encouraged during any aesthetic facial treatment. An increase in weight will allow fat stores to accumulate which may affect facial contours or transition from face to neck. Weight changes may obscure the effects of EMFACE treatment, or impact how HIFES energy levels are delivered during treatment.

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