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Chin implants

Because the chin represents an important element in overall facial balance and proportion, a person may desire a chin implant to provide an improved facial aesthetic, balance and proportion between the upper face, midface, lower face, nose, lip and chin structures.


  • Chin implants are made of safe, pliable material and come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit a person’s facial structure and surgical objectives. 
  • Chin implants are just one way a plastic surgeon can improve the appearance of a person’s chin. Other procedures include moving or reshaping bones and removing excess fat with liposuction.
  • Dr. Samuels makes the incision under the chin or inside the mouth, so visible scarring is minimal.
The end result should create a harmonious balance between face, nose, lip and chin.  For that reason, it is not uncommon for us to hear from a prospective rhinoplasty patient that they believe their nose to be ‘too large’ for example, when actually the midface may be too short in comparison, or the chin receded and/or too small.  Dr. Samuels and her nurses will take measurements of the face, nose and chin and help you understand what needs to be considered to achieve the result you desire.
chin implant diagram

Making the Decision for Chin Surgery

If you’re considering chin surgery, here’s what to expect when you meet with Dr. Samuels. 
  • During your consultation, we take a thorough medical history and assess your mental and emotional attitude toward surgery. A positive attitude and realistic expectations are crucial to success.
  • We take photographs so that we can discuss all facial features including the chin.
  • Dr. Samuels discusses any surgical risks, including those related to high blood pressure, scarring tendency, smoking or deficiency in blood clotting.
  • Chin implant surgery is performed as an outpatient with either IV sedation or light general anesthesia in Dr. Samuels’ fully Quad A accredited in-suite surgical facility.
  • We discuss any additional procedures that can optimize results, such as chin or neck liposuction, emface, lip augmentation or rhinoplasty

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering chin implant surgery, Dr. Samuels will perform an in-depth nasofacial analysis to determine what dimensions of the face, nose, lips, and chin fit the best with a patient’s overall facial features. This approach has evolved over years of study of aesthetic balance and proportion in facial features. Did you know that the face is divided aesthetically into thirds: the upper face, the midface, and the lower face. There are necessary proportional relationships that allow for the best overall facial aesthetic, and to arrive at the best chin features, one must take into consideration the shape of the midface to the lower face, as well as the relationship of the nose to the chin, in order to select the best candidate for, and the best shape of chin implant. Measurements will be taken of the face, the nose, the lips, and the chin In order to select the best projection and other chin implant dimensions, but also so that the majority of the change made will be visible on facial profile. While it may be desirable in our male patients to achieve a stronger chin projection, our female patients do well by selecting an extended anatomic silicone chin implant, so that the lower face does not become “boxier” in its appearance on frontal view, and so that the change achieved provides mostly an increased anterior projection on the profile view. Chin implant surgery takes about an hour as an outpatient in our fully Quad A accredited in-suite surgical facility under IV sedation or light general anesthesia. A small incision for placement of the chin implant is made under the chin, and recovery is a short 1-2 weeks. In some cases, patients may wish to combine a chin implant with a rhinoplasty procedure, or with liposuction of the neck to further improve lateral profile contours.

Immediately after surgery, dressings are applied that will remain in place for two or three days. You will experience some tenderness; we prescribe medication to help with post-operative discomfort.

  • Chewing will probably be limited immediately after chin surgery; we suggest a diet of liquids and soft foods for the first few days. Most patients feel a stretched, tight sensation after surgery, which usually subsides in a week.
  • Normal activity can be resumed after approximately 10 days. We suggest avoiding rigorous activity for the first few weeks after surgery.
  • After approximately six weeks, most swelling is gone and we begin to see the results of the procedure.
Chin implants are just one way we can help a person achieve a more attractive chin and profile. Here are others Dr. Samuels may suggest. Liposuction or Emface Submentum. Removing excess fatty tissue below the chin can help redefine the chin, profile or neckline.  This is frequently combined with Renuvion or FaceTite and AccuTite for skin tightening of the lower face and neck, EMFACE Submentum can be a completely nonsurgical option. Facelift or neck lift. These procedures can improve the look of the chin by tightening the muscles of the neck.
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Schedule a Chin Implant Consultation

For more information about chin Implant or to see if you’re a good candidate for this procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Samuels at 502-897-9411.

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