Another Way to Tighten Skin Anywhere

Dr. Samuels is excited to be the first in Louisville to offer new technology that tightens face and neck skin without surgery or prolonged recovery! We also use it to tighten skin of the inner and outer thighs, loose skin above the knees, arms and abdomen, and to treat cellulite on buttocks and thighs too. We love our Vaser Shape, Exilis, EMSCULPT NEO, Morpheus8 and EXION Fractional RF devices for skin tightening for those who don’t mind undergoing a treatment series and follow-up maintenance. CO2RE also treats crepey skin.

Because Profound treatment areas are limited by maximal allowable lidocaine parameters, and because the treatments take longer and use more heat, patients who opt for microneedling of large body areas for crepey skin or cellulite usually are treated with Morpheus8 or EXION Fractional RF. Compared side by side, Profound offers more facial and neck skin tightening with a single treatment than any other microneedling technology, including Morpheus8 or EXION Fractional RF.

The Profound Difference:

  • Creates elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid
  • Naturally creates dermal volume to replace lost volume in aging skin
  • Treats jawline, jowls, wrinkles and other textural considerations
  • Treats loose skin of the inner and outer thighs, above the knees, arms and abdomen
Dermal module for facial wrinkles
Bipolar RF energy delivered to deep reticular dermis provides thermal damage to dermis without thermal impact on epidermis.
Subcutaneous module for cellulite
Bipolar RF energy targets deeper skin layers to coagulate adipose tissue and remodel cellulite.

How Does it Work?

Treatment involves numbing the skin and then treating it with microneedles that safely and quickly deliver radiofrequency (heat energy) below the skin’s surface. Any area of the body may be treated; face and neck may be the most popular. The procedure takes an hour from start to finish, with no pain, no anesthesia and no incisions. There are 3-5 days of mild bruising and swelling. Make-up may be applied immediately.

The direct result of delivering heat deep within the dermis, is that heat causes collagen remodeling, which leads to tightening and smoothing without damage to the skin. Compared with laser or other skin tightening modalities, the neck may be treated the same as the face. Another unique feature of radiofrequency is that there is no need to physically undermine the skin in order to deliver heat energy, so there is no disruption to the normal connection between skin and deep soft tissues that help the skin resist the effects of gravity.

If a formal surgical lift is not performed, how heat energy is delivered becomes critical when trying to significantly tighten skin. Heat energy alone can’t overcome gravity’s attempts to loosen skin, and once the retaining ligaments are divided, the skin is much more easily loosened by gravitational aging. Therefore, it’s vitally important to maintain deep connections between skin and deeper layers while delivering the heat that causes tightening in the collagen and elastin fibers of the dermis. Once these structures have been divided, it’s best to perform a formal facelift or necklift.

With the advent of microneedles that deliver radiofrequency heat, Dr. Samuels can deliver heat to sub-skin elastin and collagen fibers without dividing important connective tissue and retaining ligaments that support the skin against gravitational effects. You see tighter and smoother skin results, with maximal benefit at  9 – 12 months after a single Profound treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Profound procedure benefits anyone who wants tighter skin without surgery, patients with acne scarring, patients seeing early facial and neck laxity but who are not ready for a facelift and patients who may have had a facelift or necklift but are not interested in having it surgically revised. 

In other words, Profound can be a great way to delay a facelift or necklift or maintain one. Unlike laser skin tightening, it’s a single-step procedure that’s just as effective for the neck as for the face. Patients with deep acne scars or wrinkles benefit from Profound tightened skin. Profound can be combined with traditional laser peels or laser resurfacing for added skin smoothing. Laser and Profound can be performed together as a single treatment or separately, and treatments are customized to suit each patient’s needs and budget.

Profound is the only LONG-PULSED injectable RF energy treatment on the market.  This means that the heat of the needles dwells in the skin longer, but it is deep due to the length of the 6mm needles.  Profound therefore, more strongly stimulates and triggers the creation of new elastin (5 times the amount of existing elastin), collagen and hyaluronic acid (2-3 times the amount of existing collagen) – the fundamentals for smooth, youthful-looking skin.  Profound helps patients get the “snap-back” characteristic of younger skin.  As opposed to SHORT-PULSED microneedling technologies (of which Morpheus8 and EXION Fractional RF are one), we can perform single treatments with Profound and get more tightening and collagen formation (dermal volume like a filler) in a single step treatment with a week of downtime.  In contrast, although it requires a series of 3 treatments for significant tightening, Morpheus8 and EXION Fractional RF is faster to perform (and therefore cheaper and has less downtime), but Morpheus8 and EXION Fractional RF also gives more surface textural change than Profound, since there are short and long needle arrays. We affectionately refer to Morpheus8 and EXION Fractional RF as “mini-Profound” and find it faster to recover from and better for body treatments than Profound, as with crepey skin and cellulite.

The Profound treatment is clinically proven to create smooth, younger-looking skin with only one nonsurgical treatment. In clinical studies, it was shown to reduce facial wrinkles in 100% of patients; 94% of treated thighs showed an improvement in cellulite appearance after a single treatment.

A single Profound treatment stimulates your body to naturally reproduce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to revitalize the skin and build new, healthy tissue. The Profound treatment is clinically proven to stimulate your body’s own wound-healing response and reduce the signs of aging without chemicals or surgery.

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