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Julene B. Samuels, MD, FACS Introduces UltraShape – FDA Approved, Highly Focused Ultrasound Technology That Permanently Destroys Fat Cells to Louisville, KY

Cutting edge, noninvasive fat destroying technology is now available in Louisville, KY. Julene B. Samuels has added the UltraShape System to her practice and will demonstrate its effectiveness on February 4, 2015 in her office.

Louisville, KY, January 21, 2015 — Julene B. Samuels, MD, FACS adds UltraShape, a nonsurgical device that precisely delivers focused ultrasound energy that destroys fat cells without harming surrounding tissue. “It seems that at one time or another almost everyone struggles with body image issues. Sometimes even with regular workouts and eating right there are still areas where we just can’t seem to shed those last few inches,” explained Samuels. The UltraShape system is clinically proven to destroy fat cells at multiple levels effectively, painlessly and most importantly in a lasting way making it perfect for these scenarios.

Each UltraShape treatment can be customized to the individual patient. Over 30 clinical trials in over 750 patients have shown that up to 2 inches or more of fat can be lost circumferentially after just 3 treatments performed at 2 week intervals. Each treatment takes about 45 minutes, is performed in the office, is painless, and there is absolutely no downtime involved. Results begin to be realized in as few as 2 weeks, and can be performed over most body areas where at least 1 inch of fat thickness exists. Cell debris from the newly destroyed fat cells is processed naturally by the body in the same way it eliminates fat during weight loss.

Dr. Julene Samuels, a world renowned cosmetic surgeon, has worked with noninvasive technology for over four years.

After introducing VASER Shape to the Louisville market, Dr. Samuels has shared her experience nationally and internationally. “We are very excited about the options we can now provide our patients. The combination of UltraShape and VASER Shape allows us to achieve the best skin tightening and fat reduction results possible with any nonsurgical treatment modality.”

To help people understand this new technology, Dr. Samuels is demonstrating how UltraShape works and answering questions about this technology on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at her office. “The choice to be the leader in offering not only the newest but the most effective nonsurgical body contouring options was easy for me,” stated Dr. Samuels, “As a surgeon, it takes a lot to impress me in terms of excellent nonsurgical results and UltraShape is a welcome addition to our practice.”

To learn more about UltraShape contact
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For more information about Dr. Samuels and UltraShape, visit www.awomanstouchmd.com.

About Dr. Julene B. Samuels
Dr. Samuels is a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She has over 20 year of experience working in the plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine industries. She is the founder and director of A Woman’s Touch MD, a cosmetic surgery practice and medical spa facility in Louisville. Dr. Samuels is a highly respected expert in her field and she regularly travels around the world to educate other physicians about cosmetic procedures.