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February 29, 2016

The ProfoundLift procedure is making the news accross the country –

(BPT) Are you looking for younger, fuller and firmer skin? Maybe you’ve got some wrinkles and sagging cheeks you would like to see disappear. Minamally invasive nonsurgical treatments are trending, and may even be replacing traditional facelifts in some cases.

One of the latest antiaging breakthroughs — dubbed “the injectable laser” — takes on fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity in just one session. “The energy based treatment, known as Profound, can produce lifted, smoothed, contoured skin without scars or surgery,” says Louisville, Kentucky plastic surgeon, Dr. Julene Samuels.

Profound delivers radiofrequency energy beneath the skin through tiny microneedles to add volume and resiliency to the jawline, neck, jowls, nose-to-mouth folds and cheeks. Other energy based technologies help with skin laxity or wrinkles, but not both.

“The ProfoundLift procedure is a win win, and it may help give traditional facelifts a run for their money,” says Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Bloch, “When used at the optimal settings, Profound may produce up to 89 percent of the improvement seen with a facelift, according to reasearch plublished in Dermatologic Surgery Journal.”

Here’s how it works. The jowling and laxity is the result of our dwindling suppy of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid — the building blocks of supple skin that snaps back into place. With Profound, the energy is sent directly into the skin’s deeper levels to boost all three. It also takes on the lines and wrinkles, without injections. The ProfoundLift fills them naturally from the inside out.

Results don’t scream plastic surgery

Unlike other systems that require multiple treatments, Profound is a one and done treatment. “Most people need three days to a week for recovery, and you can wear makeup in a day or two,” says Dr. Bloch.

The improvements from a ProfoundLift are gradual and begin to show at one month and continue over the next few months. “Your friends and family will notice you look better, firmer, and brighter, but they won’t be able to put a finger on why,” adds Dr. Samuels.

To contact Dr. Samuels, call 502-897-9411 or visit www.awomanstouchmed.com for more information about Profound and to schedule a consultation.