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October 26, 2016

From Tab’s View

On a cool Tuesday autumn afternoon, Tab’s View attended an open house at the office of Dr. Julene Samuels in St. Matthews to learn more about some of the procedures and services available at her office.

The main attraction to the open house — aside from the discounts on services and products — was the Syneron Candela CO2RE Intima vaginal rejuvenation medical laser. The CO2RE Intima uses medical laser technology to address several issues related to vaginal care, from dryness and looseness, to tightness, itching and pain. Dr. Samuels explained it best in her piece about the Intima:

This laser is a fractional CO2 laser which delivers laser energy to cause a natural thickening of the vaginal skin, restoring a more youthful quality to the skin, along with a return of natural lubrication, the formation of new collagen, and the rejuvenation of natural elasticity lost amid declining estrogen levels during menopause or hormonal treatment of breast cancer.

Tab’s View also learned about Sculptra Aesthetic, an injectable poly-L-lactic acid used to restore a youthful appearance in one’s face. The injectable is also used on those suffering from the effects of AIDS and medications aimed at treating the disease, bringing fullness taken away by the disease and treatments back to the face.

Later on, we caught a tech demo featuring another Syneron Candela product, UltraShape. This device uses ultrasound technology to reduce fat without pain or the scalpel. Instead, UltraShape causes the walls of fat cells to collapse, liberating the contents as triglycerides while slimming down one’s appearance.

Aside from tech demos and discounts, the open house had plenty of snacks and beverages for both current and future patients to enjoy. And of course, what would an open house be without a prize giveaway or two? Guests could enter a drawing for a free peel by filling out a slip with their name and contact info, then folding it up and dropping into a fishbowl.

Tab’s View had a wonderful time at Dr. Samuels’s office, and look forward to the next open house.