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April 2019

by: Bella Portaro Kueber

We’re four weeks out from Derby and that means the race to primp and prep is on. Here, local cosmetic surgeons share the quick fixes that can make you walk into the track looking like a winner.

Since the first Derby was run in 1875, it has been an opportunity for attendees to dress up and look their best. Today the tradition of dressing to impress at the track carries on with a modern, scientific twist: Derby primping now often begins with a little high-tech help from local cosmetic surgeons. Whether they’re filling fine lines, plumping lips or smoothing bumps and eliminationg the need for Spanx, our local medical experts have a whole spectrum of quick fixes that can guarantee a beauty triumph at the track.

Micro-needling with radiofrequency retexurizes and smooths both facial and body skin with little downtime. Fractora is a collagen pen that is a great one. Profound is another device she uses but it has much more heat, takes longer to do, and is more expensive than Fractora.

Injectables as a fast filler, long-lasting collagen stimulating injectables, injectables for acne scar filling, neurotoxins, and facials that vary in simple subtle ways to a chemical peel or alpha-hydroxy acid facial for a quick complexion fix.

Peels and fillers.

Don’t forget to stop taking medications that can cause bruising if you’re getting injectables and plan at least a week or two ahead for skin smoothing and resurfacing treatments to give yourself healing time and realize that your full results can take weeks or months for some of the treatments.