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At Home With Her Horses 

October 2017

by: Christine Fellingham

It’s no wonder Julene Samuels is so excited to have a barn— and her two thoroughbreds and a quarter horse – right across the street. As a solo practitioner in a thriving cosmetic surgery practice, her days routinely start before 8:00 a.m. and end twelve to fourteen hours later: “It’s often dark when I get up and getting dark when I drive home,” she laughs. Add to that the travel she does as an educator and consultant for several medical device companies and as a clinical investigator for Allergan, Syneron Candela, BTL and InMode and her enthusiasm over having daily access to her horses makes sense. “I still remember how excited I was when we fi rst moved out here and I could get up in the morning, walk across the street and feed the horses,” she says. “There’s something magical about mornings in a barn…. It makes the balance of my life work.”