9419 Norton Commons Blvd.
Suite 101, Prospect, KY 40059


Our Fully Quad A Accredited
In-Suite Surgical Facility & Med Spa


You'll see why our patients are immediately comfortable and confident.

  • Fully Quad A accredited in-suite surgical facility with private entrance
  • Candela Center of Excellence procedure and medspa rooms
  • Private consultation areas
  • Conference area for physician training
  • Recovery suite
  • Bed & Breakfast right around the corner

State-of-the-art In-office Surgical Suite

Dr. Samuels performs every surgical procedure in her sterile, Fully Quad A accredited in-suite surgical facility with private entrance.

Our Approach Centers Around You

“We all need to explore the paths that will help us discover our best selves. We can choose to take physical paths, intellectual paths or spiritual paths. If you choose a path involving plastic surgery, choose a surgeon who is uncompromisingly committed to providing quality care, to thoroughly understanding each patient’s needs, and who is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of technical expertise.”

When you consult with Dr. Samuels and her staff, we guarantee you a unique and complete aesthetic plastic surgery experience. From the first consultation through your postoperative visits, Dr. Samuels is deeply involved with every aspect of your care, providing you with meticulous attention throughout your treatment.

Our premier office staff is also a vital part of your surgery team. Dr. Samuels’ clinical expertise and sensitivity to the beauty within you will optimize your plastic surgery experience. We service patients throughout Kentucky & Indiana, including Prospect, Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort, and Bardstown. 

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Meet Our team

Mindy Montano, ORT

Surgical First Assistant
Clinical Patient Care Coordinator
Clinical Care & Energy Device Specialist

Mindy brings 40+ years of plastic surgery experience to our practice in both the office and the operating room. She skillfully provides excellent advice and services as a certified injector, laser and non-invasive device technician.


Katie Wrinkle,
Patient Coordinator and Front Office Manager

I began my career as a Patient Care Coordinator in a managed care capacity, and from there I developed a strong interest in surgical care, taking on roles as an OR scheduler. One of my long-term goals centered around my desire to help patients achieve the very best inward and outward versions of themselves. This cosmetic inclination led me to continue my growth in learning all about plastic surgery procedures.

After working for both a cosmetic plastic surgeon and a cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, I decided to try my luck in finding the perfect position in plastic surgery. I left the Nevada desert to relocate to the Louisville/southern Indiana area due to my love for the wholesome environment, culture and river town scenery of the Bluegrass state… all of which led me to Dr. Samuels’ doorstep! I was welcomed with open arms by our amazing team and patients, and I have been able to create long-lasting patient relationships and friendships.

During my free time I like to shop at the local boutiques and try new restaurants (spicy foods are my favorite)! Let me know if you have any recommendations as I get further acquainted with my new city! I can’t wait to meet more of you as new friends to the practice!

Mary Gragg, RN, BSN

I am a versatile nursing professional with a successful 45-year career in Perioperative Services as an Operating Room Technician, OR staff nurse, OR educator and OR manager. I am experienced in development and implementation of goals and objectives. I am team-oriented and reliable, with clinical OR knowledge and a focus maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for the patient. I specialize in establishing caring, personal and compassionate relationships with my patients, making sure they receive the highest standard of care -- just as I would expect if I were the patient.

Brittney Jolly, RN

Hi there, I'm Brittney, a seasoned nurse with roots in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. My journey began as an inpatient surgical nurse, and it gracefully unfolded into a supervisory role in outpatient pain management. Last year, I found myself drawn to Kentucky, seeking a fresh chapter in my professional story, which guided me into the world of outpatient vascular surgery.

But there’s more to my story. Beyond the clinical walls, my heart beats with a passion for health, beauty, and wellness. In the revitalizing atmosphere of a med spa, I’ve thrived as an IV hydration and weight management nurse, finding joy in helping others embrace their best selves.

Looking ahead at my professional career here at Julene B Samuels Plastic Surgery, I’m committed to assisting my clients on their transformative journey, helping them feel the most confident in their own skin. To me, it’s more than healthcare, it’s empowering individuals to become better versions of themselves.

Chris Ballard

Chris Ballard, CRNA

I've been in the medical field for 30+ years and a CRNA since 2008. Having worked with Dr Samuels for five years, I am well qualified in the plastic surgery field and confident in my ability to keep you comfortable and, most importantly, safe. My mother once told me, “That could be me on that table, so treat your patients accordingly.“ My goal is for you to have an amazing experience and love the new you.

Mary Beth

Mary Beth Fletcher, CRNA

With over 20 years of experience providing anesthesia and serving our community, I am delighted to be caring for Dr. Samuels’ patients. I trained at Rush University in Chicago and have experience caring for critically ill patients in several local tertiary care institutions. It is my pleasure to work alongside such a gifted surgeon as Dr. Samuels, who I first worked with 24 years ago as a new graduate. Since then, I've admired both her commitment to stay at the pinnacle of her profession and her dedication to her patients.


Jamie Boothe, CST

I'm Jamie, a Certified Surgical Technician, and I've been working in the operating room for 20+ years. I have an associates degree in surgical sciences and have worked all over the country as a traveling tech, doing everything from plastics to neurosurgery to open heart surgery and everything in between! I chose the operating room because my father was a military OR nurse and OR director for 30+ years, and I like the closeness that develops among teammates.

In my free time, I work on my rescue farm in Shelby County, Kentucky. I’m an avid outdoorsman and love hunting and fishing.

I love working with Dr. Samuels for many reasons. She is a perfectionist and won’t settle when it comes to our patients. I also like the fact that in our office, I’m a team member and not just an employee. The final reason is that in my 20+ years as a surgical tech, I have not found an environment that truly emphasizes that the patient and the team members are truly the most important aspects of the practice — until now. Unlike the corporate atmosphere of large healthcare companies, patient satisfaction and the overall patient experience, along with patient safety, are truly number one in a small practice environment like ours.

Hannah Underwood-Cobb, Surgical Technician

My name is Hannah Underwood-Cobb, and I am a Surgical Technologist who has over 800 cases under my belt. I finished training in 2022, and since then I’ve scrubbed with numerous doctors in varying surgical specialties including Orthopedics, Urology, GYN, Robotics, and my favorite, Plastic Surgery!

What really began my love of plastic surgery was the extreme call to detail as well as the artistry that I got to see and take part in. Working with Dr. Samuels and being a critical part of her surgical team as a first-assistant is truly an honor, because it’s like watching an artist firsthand. The same way a painter sees art on a blank canvas or a sculptor sees a statue in a piece of clay, Dr. Samuels sees the potential beauty in the form and brings her patients’ visions to life. My coworkers and I get to be a part of that artistry on every case, and I couldn’t love my job more because of it!

When I’m not in the OR, you can find me at home with a book, my husband and son playing video games next me, and my two cats cuddled up at my feet. I also support such causes like StacheStrong and ECAN, which are charities that raise money for Glioblastoma (an aggressive form of brain cancer) and esophageal cancer.

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