laser procedure performed by aesthetic plastic surgeon Julene B Samuels

Skin Care Products

Who Should Use Skin Care Products

  • Do you want to prevent, correct, moisturize and protect you skin?
  • Do you want to prepare your skin for non-invasive procedures and maintain results afterward?
  • Do you want to give your skin a youthful appearance?
  • Prevent further sun damage?
  • Is discoloration and/or uneven pigmentation a concern?
  • Do you want to improve elasticity of your skin?
  • Decrease or slow collagen breakdown?
  • Prevent premature signs of aging?
  • Do you want to start an affordable corrective or preventative skincare program now?

If you have answered yes to five or more of these questions, you could benefit from an appointment with our skincare specialists. Call 502-897-9411 today to schedule.

Let us help you to incorporate new skincare products into your existing skincare regimen at very low cost. Visit the websites below to learn more about the products we have available: