Exceed, repaire and restore, naturally

Exceed™ Microneedling that Repairs and Restores Naturally

We are proud to exclusively introduce Exceed to the region as the first dual-indicated, FDA cleared microneedling treatment for facial wrinkles and scars. Candela's newest non-surgical device prompts natural collagen production and stimulation that improves skin's texture by smoothing acne scarring and facial wrinkles. Achieve smooth, firm, younger looking skin with just four monthly sessions, each lasting less than an hour. With minimal recovery time, your daily routine isn't interrupted - you can even wear makeup the next day.

Patient Benefits

  • Reduction of acne scarring
  • Smooths facial wrinkles
  • Naturally creates new collagen
  • Low risk of post-treatment hyperpigmentation
  • Powerful results with minimal downtime (only 24-36 hours)
  • Ideal continued maintenance for previous treatments

If you are looking for a procedure with minimal downtime, and results that restore a more smooth less wrinkled texture, Exceed may be the answer for you.

Schedule a Exceed Consultation

For more information about Exceed and to see if you are a good candidate, contact Dr. Samuels at 502-897-9411 to schedule a consultation. Our practice serves Louisville, Ky and the surrounding areas.