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As opposed to liposuction performed to remove only unwanted fat from relatively skin-tight abdomens, tummies which demonstrate unwanted fat, stretched muscles and loose skin will require some form of an abdominoplasty, usually in conjunction with liposuction to achieve the best results. Liposuction alone does not tighten loose skin, but after removing the excess skin and fat by adominoplasty and after tightening the stretched muscles, liposuction can be added to "liposculpt" the final result.

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A Suction-assisted lipectomy removes unwanted fat from diet and exercise-resistant areas. These areas typically include the hips, arms, inner and outer thighs and knees, abdomen or flanks. Short, inconspicuous scars are made in the skin's natural folds and a small tube, or cannula, is inserted under the skin to remove fat cells by negative pressure machines.

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BodyTite is a safe, gentle and effective minimally invasive procedure that reduces fat and tightens skin using radiofrequency assisted liposuction. BodyTite is a great solution for individuals who are looking to reduce fat and tighten saggy skin. It also helps improve skin laxity after weight loss or due to aging. It shapes, tightens and lifts with surgery-like results without the added downtime.

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Surgical Labiaplasty

Vaginal rejuvenation has become more popular in the last several years. The most skilled physicians to perform this surgery are plastic surgeons, or cosmetic gynecologists or urologists who have a true interest in the overall aesthetic well-being of female patients.

The increased interest in vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty has occurred naturally as women have come to realize that this area of concern is not off-limits in terms of its validity, and also due to the active lifestyle many women are now enjoying. In addition, easy access to images of attractive female genitalia on the internet, the ubiquity of Brazilian waxing (whereby more visibility of the female genitalia is allowed), and the increased media attention to procedures such as labiaplasty have certainly contributed to our ever-changing aesthetic of the attractive female genitalia.

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Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation treating the effects of vaginal atrophy

Vaginal atrophy can occur through the natural aging process, by childbirth, and as the result of some cancer treatments. As a result, the vaginal wall thins, and natural elasticity and lubrication is reduced. Patients dealing with vaginal atrophy, also referred to as atrophic vaginitis, expereince some or all of the following symptoms.

  • dryness
  • itching
  • burning
  • vaginal tightness or looseness
  • pain with intercourse
  • lack of sexual desire

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