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Weekly update on Vaser Shape…

Posted on October 26th, 2010
Posted by Julene

Hi guys! For those of you who may be watching and waiting to hear more about Vaser Shape, I thought I would begin a weekly post to update our followers on what we are seeing as we treat our first patients, the overall experiences we are having, and I would also invite any questions you may have, group chats, etc. This is very exciting and brand new technology, so we will have lots to pass on as the weeks go by.

We completed our training several weeks ago, and were fortunate enough to be one of only a few sites in the US to receive a visit and second round of training from Benedetta Baciucco, the Italian trainer for Sound Surgical Technologies and Vaser Shape, from Florence, Italy. We videotaped some footage of Benedetta’s visit, which you can see on Facebook or on our website.

To date, we have treated about 25 patients and/or ourselves : ) – What woman doesn’t have a little, eensy, weensy bit of fat she’d like to get rid of? We have not disappointed anyone, and I am pleased to report that we have seen the loss of 1 to 3 inches on average in 1 to 2 treatments, depending upon the size of the area to begin with and the skin tone at the outset. We are measuring and weighing everyone before and after each treatment, so Vaser Shape is not for the light of heart. We are after thorough and honest treatment results! I AM a surgeon after all, so if I don’t see results, I can of course still recommend surgery.

I want to say at the outset, that I do not consider the Vaser Shape a “replacement” for surgery, but quite literally, an awesome complement to the sculpting we can achieve with Vaser in the operating room. I also firmly believe it is an alternative for patients who either cannot or will not consider surgical fat reduction.

Another interesting “side effect” is skin tightening, and we are seeing evidence of this phenomenon on the table after just a single treatment. There are a whole bunch of women (and men, I always forget them), myself included, who would like more skin tightening than even fat reduction. Do you know how many women I see each year who ask me what can I do about the loose skin of their knees, arms or inner thighs? It’s like the bacteria in a urine sample from a patient with a urinary tract infection…”TNTC”, or “too numerous to count”! I used to say, with much true compassion, “not very much”, now I may use the Vaser Shape for some of these areas. (Okay, I confess, I did my inner thighs last Friday…and, yes, they are tighter).

We are going to make some noise about the Vaser Shape, look for our ad in The Voice this week, and for upcoming news segments on WAVE3 with Lori Lyle. We can’t keep this a secret for long…

And of course, follow us here for updates!

Best to you, and so long fat rolls!


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