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Watch a Vaser Shape treatment and talk to the patient!

Posted on November 3rd, 2010
Posted by Julene

This week’s update on our Vaser Shape experience is very special…we will be featured on the evening news Thursday at 5PM on WAVE 3. Health reporter, Lori Lyle, was in the office last week to tape an actual patient having the procedure performed. Lori interviewed Tracy, who was gracious enough (and pleased enough with her results) to also allow taping of her actual Vaser Shape treatment. This was Tracy’s second treatment with Vaser Shape of the tummy and hips, and her measurement change so far is an unbelievable 2 inches lost above the belly button and over 4 inches at the hips!!! I know what you’re thinking…I thought the same thing…this is really too good to be true. So, I measured again, and again…

So, tune in Thursday, and see for yourself! Tracy talks about her goals for the treatment, how it feels, and I speak to its place in our body contouring armamentarium. Lori asks great questions about the evolution of this technology, and results we are seeing in all patients.

One of the best ways to receive more information about Vaser Shape is to join us here in the office for a group or individual consultation. We will outline the technique and its applications in an informal setting with a powerpoint presentation, and then provide one-on-one consultation about who and what areas might be good candidates for treatment with Vaser Shape.

Another way to find out if Vaser Shape is right for you and to view current patient results, is to join us Friday, November 19th, here in the office for our next “Cocktails and Consults”, where we will be doing a live demonstration of Vaser Shape. The theme for this evening of cocktails and information gathering will be Mexican…so bring a friend and come and have a margarita with us!

We hope to see you soon!


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