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Top 10 Tip #3: Forever Young BBL with Skin Tyte or ProFractional

Posted on June 18th, 2014
Posted by Julene

Tip #3 is really cool!  Every time I or my nurses do this procedure for someone, I am amazed how much difference it makes in texture, tone and tightness.

Forever Young BBL (Broadband Light) involves using laser light filtered at different wavelengths to address pigmentation problems…redness, vessels or brown pigmentation.  It is a trademarked application of the Sciton family of lasers, which we own, and has no downtime associated with it.  Patients feel a warmth during treatment that is very comfortable, and they leave slightly pink after treatment.  Dark spots will appear darker for a couple days and then just seem to fade away.  Red patches or spots fade immediately.  All red and brown pigment may require re-treatment if the pigment is deeper, and certain skin conditions such as rosacea may require a series of recurring treatments, since rosacea is an ongoing skin disorder with relatively unknown cause or cure.  The Sciton laser is a very effective way of dealing with these common problems and is meant to be a stand-alone treatment, although we often combine various skin care products to add to the laser results that enhance the final result as well as reduce the number of laser treatments needed over time.  We often add skin lightener agents or retinol/Retin-A to be used before, during and after laser treatments and discuss this with each patient at their consultation in our office.  Additionally, BBL treatments can be used for pigment spots (brown or red) of the face, neck, decolletage area or extremities, including legs and hands.  When doing BBL treatments, we often do one pass with the brown filter and one pass with the red filter for patients who have issues with both at the same time.

BBL treatments can be combined with skin tightening laser treatments as well, and this combination is very popular amongst our patients who also desire to deal with facial and neck aging.  Skin Tyte is perfromed using a clear BBL filter, and feels like a gently increasing heat as multiple passes are made in each area of the face or neck.  The goal is to do as many passes in an area before moving on to a new area as is comfortable for the patient.  The heat in the dermis layer of the skin causes a process called collagen remodeling, which in lay terms on the skin surface causes an immediately tighter look.  The results after a series of 6 Skin Tyte treatments is tighter, smoother skin with improved surface texture.   Although we allow single treatment pricing, a series of 3 BBL’s and 6 Skin Tyte treatments is a very affordable way to deal with the early aging changes seen in the 30’s and 40’s and even the older patient who doesn’t mind being treated in a series to gain the advantage of absolutely no discomfort or downtime.

For any age patient who can allow a little discomfort and downtime (oral medication and 2 to 5 days of mild swelling or bruising), BBL with ProFractional is quite popular.  The skin’s surface is fractionally heated with this technology, so that there is no true peeling of the surface of the face or neck, the heat is directed downward in a microscopic diameter vertically oriented column of tissue, and the tissue effect is one of truly ablated tissue (ie, the tissue is evaporated, and not left as scar tissue).  The ultimate effect of this is tightening of the entire skin surface as the microscopically ablated columns fall together, leaving intact skin surface, to give the appearance of tighter skin overall.  The effect around especially the eyes and mouth and jowls is spectacular.  Since the depth of the ablated columns varies with the settings chosen, so does overall downtime.  We can effectively vary laser depth in ProFractional mode according to the patient’s desired downtime, although the deeper we go, the more tightening that is able to be achieved.  Most patients doing at least some regular skin maintenance can get away with interval ProFractional treatments according to age.  This might be an annual treatment, or a series of treatments might be desired to create an additive amount of skin tightening.   ProFractional treatments may also be combined with skin smoothing treatments (ie, MicroLaser Peel or Laser resurfacing) to further eradicate wrinkles…see Tip #4 coming soon…

Come see us soon to discuss how Forever Young BBL can fit into your busy lifestyle and your pocketbook!



Julene’s Top 10 Tip #2

Posted on June 13th, 2014
Posted by Julene



Since wrinkles are formed at least in part by crinkling of the skin in the same places over and over due to the activity of the muscles under the skin, it makes sense that we can delay the onset of wrinkles by weakening the muscles themselves.  The skin wrinkling process begins even with just “resting muscle tone” actually.  Over time, unopposed resting muscle tone and muscle activity cause the thin skin of the eyelids to become “crepy” and allow wrinkles to deepen.  In my opinion, even though Botox and Dysport are not permanent in their effects, this does not diminish their overall value as maintenance skin therapy because these agents keep deep wrinkles from forming and have great preventive benefit.

We don’t have to completely paralyze the muscles to relax them, and we can still look normal in animation as a result.  It is an absolute myth that Botox or Dysport used correctly “freezes” the face.  The goal is to soften the wrinkles at rest, so some wrinkles will actually still appear when squinting or smiling or when elevating the brows or frowning, because again, the muscles are “weakened”, not “paralyzed”.  But if you consider how thin the skin is in the face, especially the lower eyelid and crow’s feet area, it is quite easy to understand how the skin begins to look a little crepy in most 30 year-olds.  I like my patients to begin to think in a preventive fashion in their early 30’s, or when they begin to see lines around the eyes or on the forehead, and to use Botox or Dysport at that time.

There really aren’t too many side effects of Botox or Dysport.  Slight bruising occasionally at the injection site, change of brow position, sagging eyelids are all reported, but fortunately are pretty rare.  We do expect to change brow position when we inject the forehead however, so we discuss this with our patients and try to change it in a positive fashion…elevate the outer brow or treat asymmetric eyebrow positions…a “chemical browlift” can be performed.

The cost for Botox or Dysport is about $12 to $14 per unit, and most patients will see effects that last up to 3 or 4 months on average.  If a patient keeps up with their injections when they wear off, the results can start to stretch to 4 to 6 months duration.  Typical dosage amounts are frown…24 units; crows’ feet…22 to 32 units; forehead…22 to 24 units.


Stay tuned for Tip #3 soon…


Non-Surgical Top 10 Tip #1: Sculptra

Posted on June 6th, 2014
Posted by Julene

Thanks for visiting my Blog Sculpt.  Happy to have you.  We will be researching how each of the non-surgical tips ended up on my personal Top 10 list.  We keep no secrets from our patients in terms of how they can best spend their time and money when it comes to looking your best, and many times we end up saving you from having to have that surgery!  I love to operate because it gives a quick result and answers many of my patients’ needs, but all good surgeons know that surgery has its limitations, and even the best surgical techniques benefit from smart non-surgical adjuncts to both “finish” and maintain the best looking result.

So let’s get started with Tip #1, Sculptra, and check in here each couple of days for information on the other tips that made the list…

The facial aging process is manifested by 3 main changes over time…

1) Laxity due to gravity’s effects causing sagging

2) surface skin textural change from muscle animation, environmental damage, sun exposure, and smoking, causing fine lines and wrinkles

3) volume loss due to fat atrophy causing hollows and folds

For sagging and laxity, lifts are great…facelifts, necklifts, browlifts and blepharoplasties.  For skin textural change, skin care, chemical peels and laser smoothing and tightening treatments are best.  For volume loss, we turn to fillers, fat injections, and/or collagen stimulating injectables like Sculptra.

What makes Sculptra a good choice is that the collagen stimulation you create wherever the product is injected (since the collagen that results is your body’s own tissue), the results look very natural and are longer lasting than a typical filler off the shelf.  Most fillers can only be placed in focal spots or smaller areas, whereas Sculptra can be placed anywhere in the face (except lips where the filler Juvederm or Restylane is still the best option).  Sculptra collagen stimulation tends to restore volume (when used correctly) in a way that makes the cheeks, jowls, temples, and outer brows look “lifted” rather than fatter or fuller…hence the nickname “Liquid Facelift”.  It takes usually a series of injections (typically 2 to 3) to create enough collagen deposition to achieve as much change as most patients want, but then less maintenance is usually required than with the traditional filler.  The results are very pretty yet subtle enough to not totally change a patient’s look…it’s you but younger!

Since it takes a while to “build” a Sculptra result, many of our patients will continue to use a hyaluronic acid filler as a “quick fix”, for an upcoming event, or in the lips.  Maintenance Sculptra injections frequently require the use of less product over time per injection, further decreasing costs over time compared to the costs of restoring volume with fillers alone.  For many patients, restoring volume and working on skin tone and texture can allow patients to “put off” having a facelift, cheeklift or browlift until the neck laxity worsens significantly.  Even after choosing to undergo a facelift, Sculptra can maintain the look of a facelift longer leading to fewer facelift revisions over time, since facelifts do not restore lost volume.

Our office has the most experience with the use of Sculptra in our area, and any of my staff would love to share this rich experience with you if you care to give us a call to set up a consultation about the product, obtain an informational DVD or come to one of our Sculptra open houses.  Additionally, you may want to visit my website to see before and after photo’s of how can work in the facial rejuvenation treatment plan.

Tune in for Tip #2 soon…





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