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My Favorite Skin Care Program

Posted on January 13th, 2015
Posted by Julene

My favorite skin care program involves cleansing at least twice a day, following that with a good toner (I use Dermesse, which has a regular cleanser/toner, a gentle cleanser/toner, and a line specifically for acne). Then I appy either hyaluronic acid or a vitamin C product as an anti-oxidant and skin firmer, and then an under-eye serum (I prefer Skin Medica’s Uplifting Eye Serum), followed by a light powder foundation. At night I cleanse and tone again, then apply Jan Marini’s Enlighten MD (has a skin lightener plus retinol), or just a retinol (collagen stimulation) and Neo-Cutis’ Lumiere eye cream (I like a night cream for under the eyes at bedtime). Finding the Jan Marini skin care line at a plastic surgery meeting recently allows me the ability to use retinol and a lightening agent in a single product. Once irregular pigmentation is corrected (brown or red), I like for patients to continue a retinol or Retin-A without a nightly skin lightener. Retinol and Retin-A are important to use for collagen stimulation (and compliment the use of Sculptra, our favorite collagen stimulating injectable, by making the Sculptra last longer…see the blog re Tip #1 about Sculptra if you are unfamiliar with this “liquid facelift”). Since I like to do 2 to 4 annual BBL (Broadband Light) laser treatments, I don’t have a lot of pigmentation problems left until the end of summer after all my outdoor activities are over, so the BBL is a great way for me to clean up sun damage. But “Forever Young BBL” treatments also are a super way to slowly retexturize and tone skin…ie, make it actually younger!  Plus, there is NO DOWNTIME with BBL, making it so easy to do these treatments anytime of the year.  (See Tip #3 blog entry on “Forever Young BBL”). And last but certainly not least, I have 2 favorite neck creams…NeoCutis’ Biocream and Jan Marini’s Juveneck…both hands down the best anti-aging defense for the neck, applied morning and night after cleansing.  Other than laser options such as Sciton ProFractional or Skin Tyte, Fraxel CO2, or the new CO2RE (fractionated fractional CO2), there is nothing better to keep your neck skin from looking “crepy” and old.

So there you have it…what you should be doing for your skin from the desk of JBS!

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