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Join us for our next “Cocktails and Consults” Evening!

Posted on October 9th, 2010
Posted by Julene

Thanks to all of you who joined us tonight for our first “Cocktails and Consults” evening! It was fun to see those of you who could join us, and to celebrate the arrival of fall! Cynthia brewed up a great witch’s brew (or two), and everyone enjoyed it. Patricia Young of “Creative Crystals” joined us and brought some of her beautiful Swarovsky crystal jewelry pieces.

We had great appetizers and even pumpkin pie! (Saved some for Kaitlyn and Lexie of course). Dan (Cynthia’s cute husband) coined the term “Julene’s Juice” for Cynthia’s special concoction of Skyy passion fruit vodka, sparkling apple cider and cranberry juice/pineapple juice/ginger ale, a clinically proven recipe for a beautiful complexion, and we all had at least one cup (Melanie took home a cauldron). Even Rita’s nose stopped running after 10 cups (or so).

We all gazed at the Vaser Shape box…it will be birthed next week. At this point, Cynthia and I at least think we should name it. Of course, it is a girl…our training is all set up for next Friday, October 15th. A couple months of melting fat and none of my staff will be recognizable, right?

We offered many specials tonight, including 40% off Juvederm, $9.00/unit “Bootox”, 50% off laser procedures over $400, and discounts on many of our favorite skin care products.

For those of you who couldn’t make it tonight, we are planning another “C & C” for Friday November 19th from 4PM to 6PM. We will likely choose a whole new group of specials, so be sure and call the office to check with us and reserve a space for you…and a friend…which is the only ticket you need for admission! I think we may also demo the new Vaser Shape for fat reduction (see last blog entry). If you’d like to be the evening’s model patient for Vaser Shape, let someone in my office know.

Have a great weekend!


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