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Do Your Research Before Deciding on ANY Cosmetic Procedure

Posted on April 19th, 2018
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breat implants are expected to be the most popular cosmetic procedure for 2018According to the ASPS, breast implants are expected to take the #1 spot in 2018.

How is the best implant selected for a patient?

Dr. Samuels is a recognized expert in the specialty of breast augmentation, breast lift and breast revision surgery, having participated in all of the studies which led to the currently FDA-approved devices. As a result, she uses a very unique bio-dimensional approach to the selection of the perfect breast implant style and size for a patient. She listens to the desires of each patient and then artfully selects the perfectly sized round or shaped device, carefully selecting the appropriate implant position for the best long-lasting result. Many surgeons only use one type of implant and make a final selection based upon office examination only, where intra-operative findings aren’t taken into account, and this doesn’t always lead to the most natural result. Dr. Samuels frequently uses intra-operative sizing to select the best size device from a pre-selected range, and this process also reduces the chances of post-operative asymmetries…a frequent cause for revision surgery. Surgeons have options, therefore, the patient has choices!  The best choice is as individual as each patient is unique.


What kind of recovery time can be expected?

Dr. Samuels has popularized the “Quick Recovery Technique” of breast augmentation which enhances patient comfort after the surgery (shortening it to mere days), but this technique also reduces post-operative need for revision surgery to less than 2% among her patients. Due to the volume of cases she performs, Dr. Samuels is able to pass implant cost savings on to her patients in her comfortable, state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center. Many breast revisionpatients seek Dr. Samuels’ 23 year expertise to correct previous breast implant problems and to gain a fresh start on their breast health. Dr. Samuels believes that the best way to a happy outcome is to carefully educate each patient on their options and to make them a true partner in guiding their decision-making process.


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