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Christmas (for your body)… in JULY!

Posted on July 8th, 2011
Posted by Julene

This is a series of events you don’t want to miss! We receive many calls every day regarding VASER Shape…what does it feel like…what can be accomplished with this exciting new technology…how do I find out more about it…to name just a few of the questions my staff field every day. We have begun to offer VASER Shape treatments at a special introductory price of $2600. for four treatments, because we really do believe that the individual’s best result with any non-invasive body contouring device is to commit to a series of uniquely designed treatments over time…after all, it’s not SURGERY! No non-invasive body shaping technology is able to deliver quite the “one and done” result that surgery typically delivers, but because we do see very nice single treatment results, we have agreed to offer (on a limited basis) introductory small areas of single treatments at the special price of $150.00 for 20 minutes. Although this will not fully contour any single area, we would like for the prospective patient to see the immediate skin tightening we can achieve, and begin to see shrinkage of those problem areas. Most patients will lose one half to one inch after a one hour treatment, and see immediate results in terms of skin tightening, but enter the VASER Shape treatment a bit worried or concerned about how the treatment will feel.
The events we have planned for July 18th and July 20th, here in our office, are designed to share this exciting new technology with our prospective new VASER Shape patients in a friendly, informative and relaxing environment…starting small…gaining knowledge and information…and then proceeding with full treatment packages as a better informed patient.

So call and schedule your appointment for a complimentary VASER Shape consultation and short 20 minute introductory treatment and begin your journey toward a tighter, flatter tummy, or begin to see thighs lose that look of cellulite…ICK!


We will have light appetizers and drinks, and are accepting appointments now for July 18th and 20th. Or, if you are unable to join us this time, ask us for additional dates in August, and we’ll add you to the list of upcoming VASER Shape offerings.

Ho Ho Ho, and best regards!