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Vaser Shape in Sydney, Australia

Posted on March 31st, 2011
Posted by Julene

Good da’ mate! If you have listed Australia on your bucket list of places to visit…I highly suggest you wait no longer! Thank you to all of the new friends I met during my recent visit…it was a great meeting and a wonderful way to share the US experience with Vaser Shape (Med Contour in other countries) with our Australian colleagues. Bella Media Services (thank you so much Gemma and Michelle!) did an excellent job of coordinating my visit with the Australian fashion and beauty magazine editors (Madison magazine, Cleo, Shop til You Drop, the plasticdiariesblog, thebeauty, Bella Beauty Magazine and The Plastic Surgery Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, and Vogue magazine…did I forget anyone?). It was such an enjoyable experience, and an extra big thank you to Donna and Louis from Australian Medical Aesthetics…THE source for Med Contour in Australia. I hope that everyone enjoyed the complimentary treatments, and it was great to meet you all and share our US experience with you. We will look forward to reading the many editorials we know will follow the trip. It is the beginning of autumn in Australia, and I loved the welcoming nature of Australians…the country is absolutely lovely, and Sydney so centralized to the beautiful Blue Mountains, coast, harbor, and all the culture and cuisine offered by a large coastal city. I only wish Cynthia could have allowed me to stay longer, and that my whole family could have joined me. Next time I WILL be found touring the wine country or Gold Coast, surfing on Manley or Bondi beach, and riding horses on Cox’s River in the Blue Mountains…as weather and time did not permit those activities this time! During my trip I did find that the clinics I visited, and the results that are being achieved by Donna McNeill, the Australian trainer, are very reflective of the great results we are experiencing here in the US…Med Contour/Vaser Shape really works!!! During my visit, I was able to share our favorite US treatment settings with our Australian colleagues, and we all learned from one another. All of the fashion and beauty magazine editors were very pleased with the immediate results of their treatments, and thought Med Contour was far superior to competitive technologies. I am pleased to report also that more information will be forthcoming regarding further reports on results of the initial 3000 patient treatments from the first 11 Vaser Shape clinical sites here in the US, as I have agreed to serve as lead author on the publication of those results in an upcoming publication. So far, I can tell you this…we are on average, after 4 to 6 treatments in most patients, seeing a loss of 0.5 to 1 inch in the first and each of subsequest treatments, an average of 2 to 4 or more inches lost after 4 treatments, skin tightening in all treated areas by IR imaging, and fat cell contents in the lymphatic system. I have also used Vaser Shape now in several pre-liposuction situations (the fat seems to be more easily mobilized and removed at surgery), as well as in several post-operative patients (tummy tuck and liposuction patients), and find Vaser Shape to be a nice complement to surgery when necessary. Thanks for being a friend to the practice, and stay tuned for more updates. Join us for our next Cocktails and Consults, featuring not only Vaser Shape demonstrations, but also our favorite Sciton Laser facial combinations, and our favorite facial injectables…Juvederm and Sculptra! Join us on April 28th from 4PM to 7PM for this event…RSVP please. Best always, Julene