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Back to School….And Martha’s Vineyard

Posted on April 27th, 2020
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Back to School…and Martha’s Vineyard…
Back to School….And Martha’s Vineyard
Hello all,
A short entry this week to let you in on a secret or two…and I won’t make you wait until I get
back from Martha’s Vineyard to learn of it…(haha)…no, I’m not going to Martha’s Vineyard
either…the only vineyard I’ll be frequenting this month is one that grows in a tall, skinny glass
bottle with a cork stuck in it…
This will be an interactive blog, so read on for contest rules!!!
Secret #1: There is a great SCULPTRA special going on in my office right now. Each vial of
Sculptra is on sale for a limited time only for $775. each (regularly $900.). See my website or
previous blogs regarding Sculptra and why it is clearly my favorite “liquid facelift” option. There
is a lot of info on my website and a great link to the Sculptra Aesthetic website for viewing
before and after photo’s of results. Our office has the most experience in the region using this
facial rejuvenative option, so you should call us and inquire. Limited time only on the special
Secret #2: VASER Shape results are continuing to amaze us and our patients! I just reviewed
photo’s of our last 20 patients and am truly amazed by these results! Guess I’ll be Vasing my
thighs again this weekend…there are also some new, very enticing pricing options for patients
interested in trying VASER Shape. Call Cynthia, Mindy or Terry in my office for more
information, as we are always trying to help patients afford to try this new, non-invasive method
of body contouring. It really does a much better job than any other method I’ve investigated and
well worth the money. We are looking forward to some one-on-one time with the chief
technological engineer for Sound Surgical Technologies who is coming for a short visit to the
Bluegrass state, all the way from Denver, to spend some time with us and a few of our patients,
and to discuss with us a new tool that may help to optimize treatment settings for faster results.
Stay tuned!
Secret #3: There is a factoid embedded in our new breast augmentation microsite (accessed by
going to that could win you and your BFF a free VASER Shape
treatment. This is a contest, and the first person to email the correct response to Part 1 of the
question to me will win a free VASER Shape treatment for themselves. If they also get Part 2 of
the question correct, they’ll aslo win a free VASER Shape treatment for their BFF! You need to
email me with the correct responses before my next blog in order to win!!! So…are you quite
ready??? Here’s the two part question…
1) What are the manufacturer incentives for patients interested in silicone breast augmentation
right now? (BTW, this is the absolute BEST time to have that breast augmentation at Eastpoint
Surgery Center…go find the clues…)
2) Which are the most interesting pages on this site: HINT #1:
my girls and I competed in the family division of the Long Run Hounds Club Hunter Pace last
weekend, and are very proud of our first place blue ribbon on August 13th! HINT #2: There are 2
pages to peruse the most carefully…
Thanks for being a follower, and have a great Back to School season!

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