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So….What is the Best Way to Get Rid of a Double Chin?

Posted on July 6th, 2017
Posted by Julene Samuels

This is a good question. I just saw a commercial for CoolSculpt’s new transducer that alleges to treat the double chin, and I just have to make some comments. After all, this is my opinion column! It’s not that CoolSculpt DOESN’T work to reduce fat on the face or anywhere else…it does do this…it’s just not the best way to do it. And before the commercial was even finished, I knew what I would see (in what I assume was the best before and after picture they could find), and there it was…a thinner neck, but one that now looked like it needed a neck lift! I mean, is that the desired result? A thinner neck but one that now has a new problem…loose skin? I don’t think so. And even more importantly, it certainly isn’t the only option out there besides surgery. In general, and I don’t care if we are talking about surgery, non-surgery, devices, lasers or injectables – whatever is being offered – I really don’t think it’s fair to create a new problem in the process of trying to reduce another. In a nutshell, while it is wonderful to be able to make a neck thinner, wouldn’t it be even more wonderful to make it look tighter at the same time, so that the patient doesn’t then wish it wasn’t so saggy? Even saggier than when it was fuller?!?

The reason that freezing the neck fat isn’t the best option for the neck is the very same reason it isn’t the best option for non-facial or non-neck areas either…the skin isn’t helped at all by freezing. Only heat can tighten skin, and in the case of CoolSculpting, the skin is actually stretched in order to be fitted between the cooling plates, so it looks worse than it did before the treatment. In the neck, this just looks like a neck that needs lifting, because it is a small area; but in the body (like tummy or thighs), the skin can look irregular or even create shelving in these larger areas which are also incompletely treated in a single session.

So then you might ask, what IS the best way to treat a double chin? The cheapest thing to do is Profound. This device can be used (via radiofrequency heat that is injected under the skin) to contour out unwanted fat deposits (unlike with CoolSculpt for the neck, the size of the area doesn’t matter with Profound), and the heat under the skin of a Profound patient will AT THE SAME TIME cause skin tightening. About 50% – 75% of what you’d see with a neck lift surgical procedure in fact. Next on the double chin options list would be, VASER liposuction with Profound for larger double chins (still doable in the office), or lastly, the new injectable Kybella with Profound to tighten skin if necessary, however, Kybella is more expensive than in-office lipo, and one might still need the Profound to tighten the skin after it. And let’s not forget the tried and true face/necklift with direct fat excision!

Hope that helps anyone spending time worrying about a double chin or what to do about it…

Julene 🙂

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