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Cheat Time

Posted on July 6th, 2017
Posted by Julene Samuels

Keep a youthful look with anti-aging programs

What are the biggest misconceptions about anti-aging treatments?

Most patients undervalue starting early with an anti-aging program and think they need to wait until the signs of the aging process are more significant. However, there are many age-appropriate noninvasive steps a woman can take that make a great difference if practiced regularly, even starting in a woman’s 20’s and 30’s.

Doing small but meaningful things daily can help women avoid premature aging and can definitely help women put off the age at which they may require more aggressive intervention in order to see meaningful results. The face ages 3 ways:

1) Skin surface textural change

2) Volume loss (due to loss of collagen and fat atrophy)

3) Laxity due to gravity (loss of elastin)

Therefore, the most important thing in a proactive anti-aging program is a well-thought out anti-aging plan that addresses all 3 areas of facial aging. This usually includes some or all of the following age-appropriate skin care treatments:

• daily prescription skin care (so the correct ingredients at the correct concentrations are incorporated)

• appropriate skin surface corrective treatments (lasers, chemical peels, resurfacing tools, micro needling)

• injectables where appropriate to treat volume loss

• surgical or nonsurgical treatment of skin laxity

The other thing patients don’t always appreciate, is the fact that the best anti-aging plan does mean that “some maintenance will be required”!

What’s the smallest step that can make the biggest difference in how youthful you look?

A healthy lifestyle including a proper diet, exercise, rest, hydration, and avoidance of as many harmful environmental influences as possible (unprotected sun exposure, smoking), and daily therapeutic (prescription) skin care.

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