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What is UltraShape?

Posted on January 2nd, 2015
Posted by Julene Samuels

You all know how fond we are of VASER Shape. We still are. Now 4 years later, there still isn’t a better nonsurgical method of tightening skin and melting fat on any area of the body in fewer treatments than VASER Shape…until now! With all nonsurgical methods of fat cell destruction, the body safely deals with the cellular products which result from fat cell death by eliminating them through the liver, kidneys and intestinal tract. With VASER Shape (now re-branded under the name “Quanta Shape“), 4 or more treatments may be needed to lose inches, although effects are seen immediately and are additive after multiple treatments (as well as long lasting). The only thing we have wished for is that VASER Shape could be even stronger!!! Or that it could be paired with a technology that could augment its fat reduction effect so that more inches are lost in fewer treatments, and in an even more permanent fashion. And now UltraShape is finally here! After spending years in the FDA clearance process, UltraShape uses highly focused ultrasound technology to permanently destroy fat cells which are then safely eliminated by the body without harmful elevations of blood lipids. Over 30 clinical trials in over 750 patients have shown that up to 2 inches or more of fat can be lost circumferentially after just 3 treatments performed at 2 week intervals. Each treatment takes about 45 minutes, is performed in the office, is painless, and there is absolutely no down time involved. Results begin to be realized in as few as 2 weeks, and can be performed over most body areas where at least 1 inch of fat thickness exists. The ultrasound energy is focused, much as a magnifying glass focuses light, to affect fat cells at a certain depth by mechanical effects which implode the fat cells (permanently killing them) without high temperatures needed. This is why UltraShape is so comfortable and also why its effects are immediately seen, unlike other focused ultrasound body contouring technologies which are painful due to high temperatures created, and which also require 6 to 8 weeks of healing in the tissues to see any fat reduction. The cellular debris resulting from an UltraShape treatment is then eliminated safely by the body. Most patients see up to 2 or more inches of circumferential fat reduction, and results are additive with more treatments. Since there is no associated thermal effect with UltraShape, there isn’t a great degree of skin tightening seen with UltraShape alone, so in my practice, if a patient does indeed desire both skin tightening as well as fat reduction, we will recommend coupling UltraShape with VASER Shape so that we achieve the best skin tightening and fat reduction results possible with any nonsurgical treatment modality.

One of the reasons I think it is important for surgeons to offer nonsurgical body contouring treatment options is that while surgery is wonderful in its own right, and there is no other more thorough way to remove fat in a single treatment than with surgical liposuction, some surgical patients may desire touch up options to lose more fat or maintain their results without further surgery; if patients choose a nonsurgical option first and then figure out that they want more thorough treatment, they are able to proceed to liposuction itself; and finally, there are just some patients who don’t want surgery at all. After an initial consultation with patients in our office, we discuss whether surgery or nonsurgical options would offer the best results. For some patients, we offer in-office surgical VASER liposuction under local anesthesia for localized fatty deposits when a patient desires the quickest and most thorough measurement reduction, outpatient surgical VASER liposuction for larger fatty areas and a quick result, and tummy tucks with liposuction. The choice to be the leader in offering not only the newest but the most effective nonsurgical body contouring options was easy for me. As a surgeon, it takes a lot to impress me in terms of excellent results…so who better than a surgeon who achieves excellent contouring results with surgery to critique and then offer a companion nonsurgical method as a cost effective no down time alternative? Voila!…VASER Shape…UltraShape…or a combination of the two. I even love the name!

Don’t worry that you have to live with that stubborn fat forever. Call in or come in and see how affordable we can make it for you to “lose inches lying down”!

Happy New Year to all!

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