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Here’s to Excellent Holidays!

Posted on December 20th, 2012
Posted by Julene Samuels

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”
The Holiday Season is upon us…Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all
of you loyal Sculpt followers! I hope that you all have an excellent holiday season, and enjoy a
happy and prosperous New Year. When I was the age my children are now, I think I thought I’d
be living in space by the year 2012, or at least travelling there regularly, but here I am still in
Kentucky. But it is the holiday season, and I am pretty sure it’s no easier to be ready for these
holidays on the Moon than it is here on Planet Earth…I’d still have a “List”, which is actually how
you know I’m really frazzled, as I don’t make a List any other time of the year.
Since my List is pretty long, I’ll have to keep the Blog short this time, and wish only to make sure
everyone knows that I truly appreciate the friendship and loyalty shown by you to myself and my
staff this year, and I hope we will see you often in the coming New Year! Thank you for all the
cards and gifts this holiday season (especially the chocolate ones), but thank you mostly for the
gifts of your friendship and loyalty. I hope we have enriched your lives just a little this year, and
we hope that in addition to wonderful time spent with family and friends, that you will find
warmth and enjoyment in some of life’s “little” pleasures this holiday, since it can be a rather
hectic time of year. These are a few of the tiny pleasures I enjoyed just this week…
the smile and friendly greeting of a total stranger
the door being held open for me by a handsome young man when he encountered me…the Bag
Lady… dropping it all
Kevin at Tassels who gave my Christmas tree mouth to mouth and a new beginning
a bright starry evening over the horses playing in the pasture
a morning run…rare these days…compliments…Cynthia
the horses looking up and trotting over to me at my first hello
Kona (my horse) really just needed to pass gas and didn’t really have colic
Lexie asking for her Mommy upon waking up without wisdom teeth
the smiles on the faces of my beautiful staff at a Christmas dinner in front of the fireplace at
Harmony Landing Country Club…their wonderful gifts to me and the girls
lovely cards from friends and family in the mail
the $10 I found in my old jeans (that got a little LOOSER!…compliments Sound Surgical
Technologies and VASER Shape)
Kaitlyn’s goodnight kiss
my mom and dad’s phone calls literally every night this week calling to check on us in a busy
a random text from my mother in law telling me The Coconut Cake is baked
a lovely dinner evening with my awesomely interesting neighbors
a heartfelt thank you from a patient who could NOT have been feeling very well, but loves me
a friend’s email sharing a Bible secret I never knew existed
the pleasure of meeting a delightfully friendly elderly lady who backed up into my front fender in
the drive-thru at Wendy’s but magically hurt neither of our cars or herself
…and these are just a few!
May you also find excellence all around you this holiday season!

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